What kind of services does Super PC Care provide?

Super PC Care provides technical support to PC users who face software related problems. Virus and malware infections, faulty installation of computer programs, improper configuration and computer settings, deletion of important files and many more issues can slow down the performance of your computer and even force automatic shut down. With our services you can take care of all of your PC problems.

 Please Note: SuperPCCare does not do any tele-marketing calls.

 How will Super PC Care fix my computer?

We have dedicated Computer and IT experts who are available round the clock. You can contact and have conversation with our technical staff who will assist you in identifying and fixing your computer problem. If you are not able to fix it yourself, which happens in many cases, the technical executive working in your case would ask for remote access of your computer. The executive would then run diagnostic tools and standard procedure to identify and fix your PC related issues.

I have important data on my PC. Would it be protected?

There are two kinds of protections Super PC Care avails to the members.

Protection of Personal Data: Your personal data is 100% secure and would be protected under all circumstances. We maintain strictly client confidentiality status and data protection.

Protection of Other Data: Any other data related to your business, work, etc., will be taken care of. Our technical executive informs you in advance about the status of the data. On very rare occasions the computer software and hardware may be completely non-repairable making data unrecoverable.

Can you provide an on-site help if problems persist?

The answer is No. We provide offsite and remote PC Services, main reasons being inexpensive and affordable services to the clients, saving the time of the client, saving the efforts that are needed in organizing on-site visits.

How can I get started?

To start availing our services, you either call our toll free number or email us at customer-care@superpccare.com or fill up the query form. There are different plans that we offer based on different requirements that our member clients have. You need to check the Plans and Tariffs, select an appropriate plan and pay online. You will receive a Unique Client ID, which will help us in identifying you. Once you are registered, you can start a conversation any time you have an issue with your PC.

How long does it take to resolve any problem?

The duration varies on the nature and severity of the problem. Usually minor problems take at least ten to fifteen minutes. More complex issues can feasibly take about 45 to 75 minutes or even longer. All this while you can watch the technician work.

Can all problems be resolved over the phone and remote access?
Yes majority of the problems can be resolved over phone that don’t need physical access and repair.